ANDY OnCall® Handyman Service Company 


Andy OnCall® – Roswell/Gwinnett is a leading handyman/home improvement company in the Atlanta, Georgia area. The Company has been in business since 2001 and is nationally affiliated. We provide services to homeowners who are in need of small jobs, remodels, repairs, and maintenance. All work performed by Andy OnCall® Craftsmen carries a one year, written warranty.

Your project, small or large, will begin with a free and written price quote. Once you accept the quote, your job will be performed by an experienced and highly qualified handyman. The Company is licensed, bonded, and insured.

That to which we aspire

To become the most sought after and recognized provider of handyman/home improvement services in the metro Atlanta market and to become a preferred Company with whom to work.

What we do; how and why we do it

We will achieve our vision by striving to exceed the expectations of our customers for the handyman/home improvement services which we provide. These services will be delivered through a team of service-oriented, experienced, and highly skilled craftsmen supported by a service-oriented, courteous, and dedicated staff. With each opportunity, our goal is to effect improvements to our customers’ property and thus its value.

The precepts by which we conduct our business affairs

HONESTY:  The fortitude to always work within the framework of the truth even when we are inclined to think that an untruth would better serve our needs.

INTEGRITY:  The fulfillment of delivering what we promise; remaining steadfast in complying with all agreements which we make with others.

CHARACTER:  The inner strength to do the right thing even when “no one else is looking.”

EXCELLENCE:  The acceptance that good isn’t good enough; the relentless pursuit of perfection.

RESPECT:  The understanding and valuing of the ownership (by others) of time, feelings, and property.

TIMELINESS:  The commitment to be punctual and to adhere to all agreed upon appointment times.

TEAMWORK:  The subordination of our individual needs and interests to the attainment of the overall and mutual goals of all of us who work together.

GRATITUDE:  The tangible display of appreciation; saying thank you to team members and to customers often and in many ways.

LEGACY: Leaving a favorable footprint upon everyone’s property onto which we step.


Andy OnCall® Handyman Service Company is locally owned and operated. 

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