Handyman Alpharetta – 5 Tips to Improve Your Kitchen’s Look

Handyman Alpharetta

Handyman Alpharetta – 5 Tips to Improve Your Kitchen’s Look

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Handyman Alpharetta The kitchen is the center of the home, where friends and family gather to eat and enjoy each others company.

Any room will become dated as the years go by and investing in a refresh every so often is important for functionality and staying up to date.

Most homeowners don’t have a large budget to tackle a full remodel but here are several tips to help rejuvenate your kitchen’s appearance while staying within your financial means.

Handyman Alpharetta – 5 Items to Update:

1. Lighting

Many older kitchens have fluorescent overhead lighting or outdated light fixtures. You may want to look into investing LED or recessed lighting to modernize the space.

LED lighting is relatively easy to install and won’t break your budget. Recessed lighting can get expensive and normally requires an electrician to install but it will look fantastic.

2. Faucets

Installing a fresh new faucet for the kitchen sink is an easy upgrade. Many old faucets release a ton of water and could be costing you more on your water bill. Most modern faucets are more energy efficient and adjustable.

3. Counters

Over time, counter-tops can get scratched and distressed. Replacing counters can become very expensive depending on the materials used, so if this is not in your budget you can find smart ways to hide the blemishes.

Adding new appliances, a fresh paint job or usable pieces like a nice cutting board can help draw attention away from aging counters.

4. Cabinets 

A quick and easy fix is to give your cabinets a new paint job, they will look brand new even if you are painting them the same color. If you are feeling bold, painting cabinets a new color can make your kitchen look like a completely different room.

Avoiding bright colors is smart unless you have a pre-planned design. You can also replace the handles or knobs for a whole new look.

These quick changes are much cheaper than investing in all new cabinets and no one has to know you didn’t splurge on a full remodel.

5. Backsplash

The great thing about backsplash tile/stone is that you can customize it to match the colors of your kitchen. You can buy stone or tile at a local home improvement store such as Home Depot.

The hardest part is using the grout and caulk to place the tile. You will want to have a design in mind before you begin. If you enjoy “do-it-yourself” projects this is the perfect activity for you and will completely revamp your kitchen space.

Did you know that we can do full kitchen remodels or smaller remodels?

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