Handyman Alpharetta: Choosing a New Kitchen Faucet

Intalling a kitchen faucet

Handyman Alpharetta: Choosing a New Kitchen Faucet

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When choosing a kitchen sink faucet, you should make sure to inspect the size of your current faucet.

Your faucet should be proportionate to your sink. The size should also be considered in terms of functionality.

A large faucet may look out of place on a smaller sink and on the flipside, a small faucet may look a bit underwhelmed in a larger sink.

Determine the Height

Consider the functionality of your sink.

For example, if this sink is in a utility room where you will be filling buckets to clean with, you may need a taller spout to accommodate these purposes.

However, if there is a shelf above the sink, you will also have to accommodate for that as a larger faucet will not fit.

The Reach of Your Kitchen Faucet

This is one detail that is often overlooked. When measuring your faucet, it is also just as important to measure the reach of how far the faucet will extend to the sink.

How will the arch impact the sink? Does the stream of water flowing from the faucet reach too far or too forward in the sink basin?

If you would like to measure the reach of the faucet, make sure that the water stream hits the sink drain when the faucet is turned on; it should not be hitting the sink.

If you have more than one sink basin, make sure that the faucet can reach each of them.

Check Your Measurements

If you select a faucet with a handle that rotates backwards, you may have to check the distance from your faucet to your backsplash.

It is important to avoid selecting a faucet with a handle with limited functionality caused by the distance from the handle to the backsplash.

If you are limited because of this distance from the faucet to the backsplash, choose a handle with forward only motion.

In some cases, you may be able to choose your own faucet style. If you don’t have your sink yet or you are redoing your countertop with a different style of sink, it’s important to look at your options and choose what best works for you.

How Many Holes Are Needed for Your Kitchen Faucet?

Do not guess on how many holes your faucet will need. Look at the specifications. For example, A spout that has two handles will often need three holes.

If there is an additional feature of the faucet (like a soap dispenser), an additional hole will be required. A faucet that has a single handle integrated on will require only one hole.

Kitchen Faucet Features

There are convenient features that can be added on to your faucet.

If you do not want to touch your faucet with dirty hands for example, you can choose a faucet that has touch technology, allowing you to turn the water on without actually turning a handle.

There are also kitchen faucets that have water-conserving capabilities only allow 1.5 gallons of water per minute. You can save water without noticing a decrease in water flow.

Choose Your Faucet Finish

Now, we should talk about the faucet’s coating. There are several kinds of finishes for your faucet. You can choose, polished, satin, matte, etc.

The purpose of the finish is to both decorate and protect your faucet. Make sure that you are getting the most for your money.

It is important to pay attention to the finish as one finish can help protect your faucet from discoloration and corrosion in the future.

There are several types of finishes. Do your research and look for these details before deciding.
You can even try to match the finish with other kitchen appliances.

The quality of your faucet matters. What may save you money right now temporarily could end up costing you more in the future. Do your research and ask questions.

There is so much to take into consideration when purchasing a faucet.

Ultimately, you want to make a decision based on your own personal taste and the functionality to you desire.
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