Handyman Alpharetta – Finding the Right Ceiling Fan for You

Handyman Alpharetta

Handyman Alpharetta – Finding the Right Ceiling Fan for You

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Handyman Alpharetta Ceiling fans are becoming more high tech and visually appealing. Not only are they an element of design but are also cooling and heating devices.

With all of the new choices, you are sure to find a fan that fits your lifestyle. Here are some things to consider.

Handyman Alpharetta – How High Tech Do You Want To Go?

Many people are not only looking for a new design but for convenience. Nowadays, fans can be turned on and automated from your smart phone or Bluetooth device.

These new high tech fans have been so successful that they will probably become even more common in the near future, especially as more people are now syncing their security systems, lighting and thermostats to their smart phones.

What Design Fits Your Home?

Design is moving toward more organic materials. The best thing to do when deciding on interior décor is to first decide on colors and accent options. Also consider your homes architecture.

For example, if your home has higher ceilings or a more open concept you may have the choice to use a larger or more intricate ceiling fan.

How Important is Saving Energy to You?

John Moody, a ceiling fan manufacturer at Fanimation states, “A ceiling fan can save homeowners as much as 40 percent on their air conditioning bills by creating a breeze that makes the ambient temperature feel seven or eight degrees cooler than it actually is.”

Fans create air circulation, which is great for smaller spaces like bathrooms that can feel muggy after a shower.

Fans are also relevant for staying warm! When it gets colder you will want your fan to spin in reverse or clockwise rather than counter clockwise, which is best for the summer months.

When a fan is moving clockwise it is pulling air upwards, pushing the warm air that rises naturally back down keeping the room warmer. Almost all fans have a switch where you can change the direction of the turning blades.

Do You Have a Multi Story Home?

Fans are incredibly functional for multi-story homes because the top story can stay warmer than the lower levels since warm air rises naturally. Ceiling fans can help to balance out the temperature throughout your entire home.

Some homeowners have even decided to purchase heated ceiling fans that are remote control operated. The heating element can easily be turned off during the summer months and these fans don’t need an extravagant installation process.

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