Handyman Alpharetta: Home Maintenance in Rainy Seasons

handyman alpharetta

Handyman Alpharetta: Home Maintenance in Rainy Seasons

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handyman alpharettaThe rain itself usually doesn’t cause structural damage, any water that leaks into a home through gaps in the roof or walls can lead to messes that can be costly to clean up. This water can also lead to damage to walls, ceilings, and floors; as well as mold and mildew problems throughout a home.

Maintaining your home well before a serious issue occurs will prevent headaches in the future. Performing an inspection and completing any repairs ahead of time before the rainy season will protect your home from damage.

Handyman Alpharetta: Where is Your Home at Risk?


Windows are typically designed to prevent leaks, however one small gap that’s not sealed with caulk, rain will seep through and saturate the wood in the wall beneath the window. Because the wood is not exposed to air or sunlight, it remains damp—providing optimal conditions for fungi growth. Older wooden windows are at an even greater risk, as water tends to pool on the horizontal sills, seeping through cracks in the paint.

Exterior Doors

Just like windows, cracks and gaps between a door and the siding (or threshold) permit water to enter, making them prime spots for wood rot. Too often the wood rot is not found in time and only worsens. Then it will be necessary to change out the door if it is wood and also the framing.

Deck Areas

Decking boards and stair treads can hold water. While many treated decking boards are water-resistant, they’re not 100 percent waterproof, and over time, they can rot. The bottoms of painted balusters are a prime spot for rotting; they’re typically built from untreated pine, and then painted to resist the elements. Water becomes trapped under the bottom of the baluster and doesn’t dry out, giving fungi a chance to grow.

Utility and Laundry Room Areas

Any room that has a water fixture, such as a kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, or utility room (with a water heater) is at risk. Leaks around water supply lines and drain pipes keep the area wet and provide an optimal environment for wood-rot fungi to thrive.

Basement Areas

High humidity and moisture is prevalent in basements because the concrete walls are surrounded by moist soil. Humidity levels can be so high in leaky basements that water vapor can form on the surface of walls and wooden ceiling joists. Once wood rot gets a foothold here, it can spread unnoticed until it creates structural damage.

Softwood damaged by wood rot is not salvageable and should be replaced as soon as possible to keep the rot from spreading and causing many further problems.

If you think you need to call someone wood rot is one of our specialties!

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