Handyman Alpharetta: How to Sell Your Home Quickly

Handyman Alpharetta

Handyman Alpharetta: How to Sell Your Home Quickly

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Are you trying to sell your home? Luck alone won’t sell your home. You may want your home to sell quickly and for the most money. However, if you truly want to peak homebuyer’s interest, you need to consider intentional planning. Also, it may be time to look for ways to revamp the place.

Handyman Alpharetta: Learn to Let Go

When you decide to sell your home, you also have to decide to let go. This means, you may have to let go of the small things that have made this home yours. Mentally visualize the home as someone else’s if you need to dissociate yourself from the home. You may have years of memories written everywhere in the home.

It’s understandable to remain hesitant in disassociating yourself from your home. However, if you want to be successful in selling it, you’ll need to learn to let go. If you need to physically enter each room and tell it “goodbye”, then do so.

If you need to reminisce on the memories in each room, then do so. But it’s also important to look forward as you reflect on the past.

Handyman Alpharetta: Allow Buyers to Picture Themselves in the Home

If you want others to picture themselves in your home, you may have to take out your own personal belongings. Buyers may find it difficult to visualize them as the owner if they still physically see your life written in the home and on the walls. Allow them to imagine themselves living in the home. Unique furniture pieces may also make it harder for them to picture themselves in the home, especially if it’s something they can’t imagine themselves owning.


 It’s a perfect time to begin decluttering when you begin the process of selling your home. It’ common to get frustrated at the amount of items you may need to pack up. When you’ve lived in a home for years, it’s normal to begin collecting quite a bit of junk. Begin making a separate pile of items that you haven’t used in a year. Books, random knickknacks, and other miscellaneous items can be stored in boxes and placed in a separate closet. This way, you’ll have less to do when you’re packing up.


In case a buyer opens your closets and cabinets, it’s very important to make sure they’re organized. It would look bad if they open a closet and random belongings begin falling out. If your closets are organized, the buyer may take it as a sign that you take care of the rest of your home too.

Yes, this could mean small details like arranging your spices in alphabetical order, organizing your clothes in your closet, your shoes, etc. All of these small details can make a huge difference.

You May Need a Storage Unit

Less is best! This is certainly true when it comes to furniture. Rearrange your furniture and take away anything that could be blocking off pathways. If your bookshelves are bare (after decluttering), then store those in a storage unit along with your furniture. To effectively show off a room, it’s important to emphasize the purpose of the room. Leave plenty of space for them to walk around, for them to visualize themselves with their own furniture, and to make the room look larger as well.

Tuck Away Favorite Items

If a potential buyer sees an item and wants it, it could eventually be a deal breaker when they hear it’s not up for a discussion on including it. To avoid this, take all of your favorite items and place them somewhere buyers can’t see it. This includes favorite curtains, appliances, an item that’s been in your family for years.

Handyman Alpharetta

Minor Repairs

Minor repairs can most certainly make or break a sale. Replace counter tiles, patch holes in the walls, fix faucets that are leaking and doors that won’t close all of the way, replace lightbulbs, etc. These are just a few examples of small repairs. If your walls are too bright, paint them a nice, neutral color.

Remember to Clean

Brighten up the place by opening curtains, blinds, and turn on all of the lights. Lights show dust so remember to clean. Consider hiring someone to help you clean as it could take quite a while to clean everything. It will also be helpful to have another pair of eyes in case you missed something. Wash your windows, inside and out. Spray your sidewalks with a pressure washer. Spray the outside of your home. If your tub and sinks need to be caulked, do that as well. Since you’re still living there, remember to clean up daily. You may have to vacuum everyday, dust the furniture, and dust the ceiling fans. Hang up clean towels in the bathroom. Clean the kitchen as well. Make sure everything smells nice. This may mean not cooking anything that will leave a strong odor. If you have pets, make sure there aren’t any strong smells, that they litter box is maintained. It may also be wise to invest in a candle.

Is Your Home Welcoming?

When you look at your home from the outside, does it look welcoming? Consider painting your front door or adding something seasonal to the outside. Don’t do too much, make it tasteful. Remember to depersonalize the home by taking away anything that may have your name in the doorway.

You may need to mow your grass and clean your sidewalks off. Trim the bushes as well. Also, did you know that the color yellow stirs up a buying emotion? Consider planting yellow flowers. And last, but most certainly not least, make sure that people can see your house number.

This is very important, especially for potential buyers.

Last Examination Imagine you are entering your home for the first time. When you step inside, how does your home look? Is it welcoming? Is it comfortable? How does the furniture look? Is it arranged to be visually appealing?

Selling your home doesn’t have to be a never-ending project. Following these steps with careful planning can help lead you to a successful sale as you close the door on this stage in life in order to open the door to another. Need help with home improvements?

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