Handyman Alpharetta: Identifying and Preventing Mold in Your Home

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Handyman Alpharetta: Identifying and Preventing Mold in Your Home

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A four-letter word with enough power to make a person cringe.

Now, not all mold is a terrible thing! Mold is present in both cheese and penicillin.

When mold is growing in your home, however, this can be very dangerous. It spreads very easily and can grow anywhere. Just because you don’t see it, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It can be in your ceiling tiles, on the other side of your drywall, inside of the walls, etc.

When most people hear the word “mold”, they know it’s a problem. However, the extent of the problem goes further than the financial cost of eliminating this issue.

Handyman Alpharetta: What Are the Dangers of Mold?

Mold can also cause issues with your health, causing your allergies to flare up and compromising your health in general. Some are a little more sensitive to mold. It can cause some to have a difficulty breathing and even asthma attacks.

Mold actually releases substances that are toxic. These substances are called mycotoxins.

Sounds terrible enough without explaining, doesn’t it?

Mycotoxins can lead to issues such as bronchitis, bleeding lungs, and heart problems.

Handyman Alpharetta: How to Stop Mold

Well, the short answer is taking control of the moisture in your home.

Read further for more:

Identify the problem areas.

Can you pinpoint where the problem area for mold is? Pay attention to the physical appearances of walls, floors, windows, etc. Sometimes preventing mold is as simple as tearing out carpet in a basement that is damp. Sometimes it’s a larger approach like waterproofing everything. It is best to confront this issue now, rather than later.

It will cost you, yes, but if you approach this problem sooner, you will experience less troubles and problems that will come from ignoring the mold.

Here are a few areas where mold is common:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • The laundry room
  • In attics or basements
  • Around the windows

Don’t keep areas wet.

If there’s a wet area, anywhere, make sure to dry it immediately. This includes carpets, furniture, carpets, etc. It’s important to even keep your washer clear of wet clothes. Every little thing is important to avoid a bigger problem with mold.

If you are cleaning an area yourself that has mold, remember to wear gloves and even eye protection. Mild cases of mold will only require warm water and detergent. If it’s a more serious case of mold, mix one cup of bleach per gallon of water. After cleaning the area, remember to dry it very well.

  • When you take a shower, cook, wash clothes, etc., moisture accumulates. In order to combat the moisture during these activities, make sure you have proper ventilation to eliminate the issue. Vents, exhaust fans, and dehumidifiers are great tools to ensure you are getting great ventilation. Sometimes it’s best to just open a window to get rid of any excessive moisture.Opening your windows is a great way of allowing ventilation into your rooms as well as drying your window frames.
  • Mold-resistant products. You can build your home (or renovate) with mold-resistant products. We now have mold-resistant sheetrock and drywall available to us. There are even paints that have mold inhibitors. These great products can help save you money and heartache in the long run.
  • Monitor the humidity. It’s important to monitor the humidity in your home. The humidity level should be between 30-50%.You can purchase a moisture meter from a hardware store. If you don’t have a moisture meter, there are other ways that you can examine the level of humidity. If there is condensation on your windows or walls, this could be a sign of excessive humidity in your home.

(Also, remember if you do see any wet areas, to dry them immediately.)Increase the air flow in your home by opening your doors and closets. Closets can get quite stuffy so it’s important to allow air to circulate in there. Humid closets can collect begin to collect mold in the carpets and in the drywall.

This can, in turn, spread to your clothes and to anything else in your closet. Mold grows quicker in hotter environments, so keeping your thermostat above 70 degrees Fahrenheit will also play a role in decreasing mold.

  • Roof gutters.If your gutters are damaged or full, this could invite a mold problem. Clean your gutters often and always be aware if there is damage to them.
  • Mold on plants. If you have indoor plants, this is also a popular spot for mold as the soil is usually quite moist. You don’t have to get rid of your plants. Taheebo tea can be added to the water to counteract mold.
  • Check for the source. To prevent mold from returning, you cannot simply clear the area of mold and expect it to never return again. You must find the source.

Handyman Alpharetta


Keep your vents clean. This will ensure clean air. Clean your ceilings and walls. Wash the curtains on your windows, scrub your windows. Vacuum and wipe your floors and furniture. Clean your children’s toys. Dust your shelves and furniture.

If you are persistent in these tips listed above, you will have a better chance in decreasing mold in your home.

Every region will have different issues with mold. Be aware of the weather and the issues that your region may experience with moisture. Your home is valuable. Take care of it.

Contacting a professional that specializes in mold removal and repair is the smartest way to protect your family. They will have the tools needed to safely remove the it and make sure it does not return.

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