Handyman Alpharetta – Importance of Replacing Windows


Handyman Alpharetta – Importance of Replacing Windows

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The majority of home owners have the misconception that once windows are installed, the only time they need replacement is when they are completely damaged or worn out.

What many people don’t know is that there are several reasons why you need to replace your windows. Some of the reasons include improving your home energy as well as lowering your maintenance costs and ensuring convenience.

Saves You Money

Thanks to modern technology, high quality windows are available and designed to save you on energy expenses. When you have your windows installed properly, not only will your home look stunning but you will get to save a lot.

What many people don’t know is that 38% of heat loss is from leaks in windows and doors. To save energy, you need to have your old windows replaced at some point in the life of your home.

Choose the Right Opening

Today, home owners have the choice of selecting fixed or sliding windows. Fixed windows are known to improve thermal performance and prevent air leakage as well. While they may not be good for ventilation, or escaping during a fire, they are excellent options in other areas.

You can also opt for sliding windows which have low E coatings, more glazing layers and deliver top energy performance. They have more joints and gaps which are susceptible to air leaks as the seals will age and get worn out or become lose with time.

Opt for Glazed Windows

Older homes will have single pane windows which were fitted a long time ago. These windows while they are functional can prove to be difficult to maintain. Thanks to technology, home owners have the option of choosing windows with two panes of glass while others are triple pane in order to improve thermal performance.

The added glass layers benefit the home owner in different ways. Enclosed air between the panels acts as an effective insulator therefore less heat escapes leaving the room to stay warm. The window panes provide more surface for Low E coatings or plastic film in order to achieve the triple pane effect.

The low E coatings fitted are available in different finishes as they allow people to have a view of the outside while blocking heat intensive infrared light.

NFRC Rated

Modern windows today are given an NFRC rating to ensure that they meet certain standards. NFRC or National Fenestration Rating Council is an institution that has developed a rating system which provides guideline on the production of modern windows. Replacing your old windows with NFRC rated modern windows will be beneficial to you.

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