Handyman Alpharetta – Maintaining Your Deck

Handyman Alpharetta

Handyman Alpharetta – Maintaining Your Deck

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Handyman Alpharetta Decks make beautiful additions to any home and give families an outdoor living space to come together.

Just like the rest of your home, these wooden structures need to be maintained in order to keep them looking their best.

Handyman Alpharetta – Do’s and Don’ts of Deck Maintenance

Do Keep Up With Damage

When damage occurs to your deck, things can get much worse if you ignore it. Over time a damaged deck can attract termites which love rotting wood. Instead, why not fix your deck before it becomes a bigger issue? If the job is too big for you hire a handyman!

Don’t Use Bleach to Clean Your Deck

While some might suggest that you use bleach to clean your deck, professional services will advise you against this practice.

Bleach can damage other areas of your home and can even kill plants growing in your landscape.

Do Sand Before You Seal Your Deck

If you are going to be sealing your deck this year, a great way to smooth any rough spots is by sanding. Doing this before you apply the sealer will also allow the wood to properly absorb the sealant.

Don’t Seal Using Paint

Many homeowners think that outdoor paint makes a sufficient sealant and is a great way to save money. But paint is not made to be used as a deck sealant.

While paint is cheaper than a sealant, it just can’t hold up to the wear and tear a deck experiences. So instead, always make sure to use the proper sealant in order to protect the value of your deck.

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