Handyman Alpharetta – Need a Deck Repair?

Handyman Alpharetta

Handyman Alpharetta – Need a Deck Repair?

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deck repairWe know you’re busy and you have that honey-do list that grows by what probably seems daily!

That’s why you should call Andy OnCall when home repairs come up!

We can get your list crossed off fast!

HandyMan Alpharetta – Need Your Deck Repaired and Stained for the Summer Ahead?

No worries!

Your deck has been beaten up from the kids and the pets not to mention from the weather, and now it’s beginning to show its age. The season for fun and barbecues is here. What to do?

You don’t want your kids playing on a deck that isn’t safe. So you’ll need to decide to resurface or rebuild your deck.

If you decide to rebuild, you can instantly make your house a more attractive and safer place to be. Did you know that a new deck is one of the best investments to make in your home to get a quick return on your investment if you decide to sell?

Depending on the material you choose and the type of deck you build the average deck addition in 2014 saw a 74.3% to 87.4% return in terms of cash spent to increase in house value.

So what’s the best choice?

A new deck is great but there’s nothing wrong with making your old one better. Resurfacing and repairing your existing deck can be a great way to rejuvenate the whole thing without shelling out a huge investment.

Many people decide to rebuild a new deck because the old one may be unstable.

There are a lot of reasons why a wooden deck degrades over time but neglect is a big one.

Let’s face it; maintenance is time consuming, ongoing, and just one of those chores that’s easy to push to the bottom of the list. Then before you know it something bad happens and the repair can no longer be ignored.

Climate and weather play a big role in the wear and tear of your deck also. Depending on your geography the lifespan of a wooden deck is limited, no matter what you do.

Perhaps you purchased a home and the deck structure was already there? Some builders tend to skimp on the quality of building materials to keep costs down and profit margins higher.

If you decide to rebuild and start new you can make some great decisions that ensure your new deck will last as long as possible. You can use great materials that will build a high-quality structure that lasts better over time.

Call Andy OnCall; Your Premier Handyman Service Company (770) 640-6050) and we’ll help you to review your options and make the best choice. You can click here if you would like a free quote on your project.

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