Handyman Alpharetta – Need a Plumber?

Handyman Alpharetta

Handyman Alpharetta – Need a Plumber?

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Handyman AlpharettaNobody likes to be in a position whereas they need to hire a plumber. Actually, any home repair for that matter!

However, if you own a home, it’s very probable that things will break and need repairs from time to time. When it is time to pick up the phone and call for help – you need to make sure that you call the right repairperson.

Hiring the wrong or unqualified person can create extreme frustration. Especially when your repair wasn’t done correctly and in the end, costs more than it should have.

You have no idea how many times we’ve been called just to fix what someone unqualified ‘repaired’.

Handyman Alpharetta – Tips for Hiring A Plumber

  1. Insurance – It’s very important that the plumber you choose is insured and bonded as well. This will protect them if an accident occurs but more importantly it covers you/your home.
  2. Repair Costs – Most homeowners are always happy when they hear a lower price than they expected. Fear of cost is one of the largest factors of why homeowners put off repairs in the first place. However, the lowest price doesn’t necessarily mean good news. It could mean that the plumber you chose was is in fact unqualified, is cutting corners, using inferior parts, or is just inferior in their profession.
  3. How Long in Business? – A very often overlooked but important factor is to ask a plumber how long they’ve been in business. If they’ve been in business a while it’s a good sign however, if you’ve chosen a plumber that hasn’t been in business long you run a risk of being dissatisfied.
  4. Warranty of Work – All plumbers should guarantee their work, including the parts; there should be no exceptions.  Many warranties cover the plumber’s work for up to one year. If there isn’t a warranty attached to their work this is a red flag. It’s best to call someone else instead of risking something going wrong and you’re left holding the bag.
  5. Check Their Website – A stable and professional plumbing business will have an adequate website. When a business (any business) has a good Internet presence this means that they are professionals, run a good business, and will be in business for a while.

If you find yourself needing a plumber in the future or for any repair to your home call someone you can trust, call us.  We’ve been in business for a very long time, are qualified, bonded, insured, and guarantee our work.

Always think of  ANDY OnCall®; Your Premier Handyman Service Company (770) 640-6050 for all your repairs big and small! Click here to request a quote by email

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