Handyman Alpharetta – Quick Kitchen Updates

Handyman Alpharetta

Handyman Alpharetta – Quick Kitchen Updates

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Handyman AlpharettaThe kitchen is the soul of the home! It’s where the most work goes on but it’s also where people tend to gather the most. There are tons of ideas when it comes to some quick kitchen updates that can make a big impact.

The first step is taking a really good hard look at your kitchen. What are your overall thoughts about it? Is it outdated? Is the paint dingy? Is the flooring in bad shape? Are your counter tops out dated? What about the lighting? Is it modern or is it still the lighting that was in the house ten years ago when you bought it?

Handyman Alpharetta – Small Ideas that Make a Big Impact

Change out your hardware –

Putting new modern-looking knobs and hardware on your cabinets and drawers can give them a completely different look! There are so many different variations to choose from the ideas literally are endless. It is important however that you try to stay within a color scheme. For example if your light fixtures are in nickel then it’s a great idea for your hardware to be the same. In doing that it looks like you have a very well thought out and purposeful look to your kitchen otherwise it may look disconnected and thrown together.

Add a couple of new lighting fixtures –

Lighting is a very powerful consideration in your home when it comes to decorating. It’s typically the first thing someone notices about your home and it literally can change the whole look and feel of a room. Considering adding some new modern lighting. A great idea is to visit the website Pinterest to get inspired. You will literally find TONS of ideas and probably will come upon a kitchen layout that looks very similar to your own. The great thing about lighting is there are great solutions for every budget.

A fresh coat of paint – 

Another thing that changes the entire look and feel of a room is paint. If you ever get bored with your kitchen or any room in your home for that matter a coat of paint is just what the doctor ordered. However, consider stepping outside your comfort zone maybe and choosing a color that you may not ordinarily choose. The world of paint is vast with so many beautiful colors and textures at your fingertips. Colors that are very trendy right now are various shades of gray, deep browns, orange, and even black. Yes black!Black is a beautiful color for just the right room and can create a very dramatic effect.

If you need help with any of these items call Andy OnCall, Your Premier Handyman Service Company at (770) 640-6050.

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