Handyman Alpharetta | Repairing Rotting Wood Windows

Handyman Alpharetta

Handyman Alpharetta | Repairing Rotting Wood Windows

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Handyman AlpharettaHaving wooden windows adds beauty and a classical elegance to any home, however with that beauty comes work.

Over time, wooden windows can rot and become damage by the elements. When this happens homeowners need to either hire someone to fix them or attempt to do the job themselves.

Handyman Alpharetta | How to Repair Windows that have Rotten Wood


The first step is to inspect each window, what needs to be repaired? Take notes and make a list of the potential materials needed to do the job.


Next the demolition process will begin. Carefully remove any damage materials from each window. You could use an oscillating multi-tool to surgically remove the bad materials and leave behind what is not rotten.

This will help protect the integrity of the window and save you money on materials at the same time.

Fabricating A New Seal

After the old materials have been removed, you can begin the repair process. You will need to fabricate a new seal using new pressure treated wood and the existing materials that was left behind. A table saw and other powers tools will be needed during this stage.

Replacing The Trim and Siding

Once the window seal has been repaired, the trim and siding that was taken down will need to be reinstalled. This is the second to the last step. If the trim or siding has also become water damaged, it will also need to be replaced with new ones.

Sealing and Painting

The final step in this lengthy repair process is sealing and painting. Use a wood sealant to coat the wood. This will help keep the moisture out which will keep them from rotting.

You should also use silicone caulking that is waterproof, to fill any holes or gaps. Finally, paint or stain the wood to match the rest of the house and provide even more protection.

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