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Handyman Alpharetta – Shelving Solutions

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Handyman AlpharettaWho doesn’t love a good organizing project?

A great project for organizing, getting rid of a little clutter and also adding a little decoration is creating shelving.

These days shelving doesn’t have to be boring! They can be function, pretty and decorative.

Handyman Alpharetta – Shelving Option Ideas

Adding decorative shelving to your home can greatly enhance the overall look and feel of a room. There are so many types and styles available today there literally are no limitations!

Some of the popular options include:

1. Built In Shelving – Built into an existing wall or closet space. You can literally build shelving into any room or space.

2. Adjustable Shelving – Vertical brackets are adjustable and can be put anywhere or sectioned artistically on a wall. These types of shelves can be put in any room and just about any space.

3. Floating Shelves – These shelves are highly decorative, popular, and appear to be floating in the air without support. You should use this if you have more of a contemporary look in your home.

4. Wicker Baskets – Shelving that includes wicker baskets is very popular these days. What’s great about this home fashion trend is the wicker baskets can hide items that you need to store but you don’t necessarily want to display.

Home Decor

Everyone can use a little extra storage space, no matter how organized and tidy your home is.

Have a blank space or wall in your home? Decorative shelves can make an attractive solution.

When closets become packed and bookcases get cluttered, shelving can provide a little extra wiggle room. In addition to adding interest to an otherwise empty space, they also provide easy, accessible storage.

Not only that, but shelves can also serve as beautiful decorative elements in their own right.

From rustic pieces of driftwood to repurposed wicker baskets, decorative shelving is easy to install, and instantly enhances any room.

Shelving Can Create Space Where There is None

A great shelving solution can actually make a small space look larger just by virtue of having no clutter. You can get everything off the floor and it’s space, not only does the space look inviting but it’s also easier to keep clean.

Do you need new shelving or organization to a space in your home but don’t have time to do it? Or perhaps you’ve had it on your list for months but you just don’t get around to doing it for yourself?

That’s where we come in! Call Andy Your Premier Handyman Service Company at (770) 640-6050 or click here to send us an emailWe can even suggest shelving options for your space!

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