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Ever Had Shower Envy?

There’s two rooms in your house that if updated can bring significantly more profit in the event you were to consider selling. Can you guess which?

If you guessed the kitchen and the master bathroom you would be correct!

The other good news about this is small things can make a large impact.

Let’s talk about two small changes you can make to your master bathroom shower for example.

Handyman Alpharetta

Handyman Alpharetta – Choosing Shower Tile

Shower tile adds a beautiful touch to a shower. There are so many grades and choices! You can choose anything from something you would have to get a professional to install to something maybe you could do on a weekend.

Here are 3 tips for making a good tile choice:

  1. Make sure your pattern isn’t too busy or loud in color. You may love it but if you think you may sell your home in the future you need to consider that. Most buyers will shy away from loud colors and busy designs.
  2. Consider the maintenance and cleaning factor. Tiles make from natural stone require more maintenance and have to be sealed. They are also more porous so they tend to hold on to dirt and grim more.  If you want to add texture with stone, it may be a good idea to use it on the floor or in a less wet area.  Lastly, glass tile pretty and makes a great wall or accent tile.  However, it is slippery, so it shouldn’t be used on the floor.
  3. If you’re considering Mosaic tile. Complex patterns of small pieces come preassembled in a mosaic tile with a flexible mat backing to allow for easy installation. Since mosaic tiles easily contour around curves, they’re a good choice for shower and drain pans. Mosaic tile are more expensive and take longer to install than standard tile, so they may not be the best choice for every budget.

Handyman AlpharettaHandyman Alpharetta – A Decorator Shower Head

There are so many beautiful options for a decorator shower head. It truly can change the entire feel and look of your shower. You can go from boring shower to bathing oasis!  Here are some tips to making a good choice on a shower head.

1. Consider the water pressure. This is probably the most important consideration of all. There is nothing worse than installing a gorgeous fixture and the water pressure isn’t strong enough to get shampoo out of your hair. For most shower  heads, water pressure fluctuates between 40 and 60 psi. Luckily most stores have shower Heads in place so you can test them. The goal is to try to purchase a product that has the highest gallon per minute or to be able to remove the flow restrictors to achieve that amount of volume.

2. Consider the cost savings. One way to defeat poor water pressure is with a shower Head that needs less. The average shower head uses 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM), and some older units use more. Shower heads with the EPA WaterSense certification use 2 GPM or less. The EPA says a WaterSense shower head could save the average household 2,900 gallons of water each year, as well as energy savings.

3. How hard is it to clean? Over time, mineral deposits can build up in your shower head. This can cause the nozzles to squirt water in all directions or clog up completely, leaving you with poor water pressure or low flow. So when you’re choosing a shower head consider the cleaning process.

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