Handyman Alpharetta: Small Scale Kitchen and Bathroom Updates

Handyman Alpharetta

Handyman Alpharetta: Small Scale Kitchen and Bathroom Updates

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Everyone has been spending more time at home lately so it’s probably a little hard to ignore all the little things around the house that need to be done. You also may be bored with your kitchen and bathroom areas since being they are the most used, but updating can be expensive right?

Well, maybe not. After all, a mini-makeover could be just the thing to breathe new life into a space.

One of our favorite ways to update a space is plumbing fixtures and these days there are so many beautiful and eye-catching things on the market!

Handyman Alpharetta: How About a Faucet Update?

You may be used to the faucet that you have and hardly pay attention to it, but take a few minutes and give it a good look. Is it past the point of salvage with cleaning products? If so, this could be just the small touch to brighten up your kitchen. With finishes and styles evolving as quickly as fashion you might be surprised to learn that your faucet is as fashionable as the grunge movement from the 90’s.

How about this gorgeous pull down faucet from Waterstone?

Plumbing Fixtures Birmingham

Now if you REALLY want to impress did you know you can now have hands free voice activated faucets? Yep, it’s true!

Command your kitchen with Delta® VoiceIQ™ Technology. Pair it with your connected home device to get the exact amount of water you need with hands-free voice activation. Simply ask your faucet to turn on and off, warm the water, dispense a metered amount or fill custom containers, like your coffee pot, to make everyday tasks easier.

Handyman Alpharetta: Kitchen Hardware Update

What about the hardware on your kitchen cabinets? You may think hardware isn’t a big impact but try changing it – you will see what a POP it creates. There are so many gorgeous colors, textures and styles. This is definitely a very quick way to add a modern flair to a kitchen that hasn’t had any updates in a while.

What about these lovely drawer pulls in mahogany bronze? They are available in several different colors.

Plumbing Fixtures Birmingham


What about the gorgeous silver hardware against these dark wood cabinets?


Plumbing Fixtures Birmingham


New hardware doesn’t have to just be for the kitchen, there is also lots of fun stuff for the bathroom. If you want a quick update the main or guest bathroom consider changing out the hardware for this room as well.

The gorgeous hardware on the cabinets and drawers here are from Top Knobs, they are the Kinney Pulls in flat black.

Plumbing Fixtures Birmingham


While we’re in the bathroom don’t forget about the faucet! We have some gorgeous faucets available! Here is one from Kallista. You think faucets aren’t noticed? This one demands attention.

The Script Decorative collection features hand-painted enamel handles and etched Saint-Louis crystal knobs. The enamel handles are reminiscent of family detailed cloisonné jewelry made popular in the 19th century Victorian era.

Plumbing Fixtures Birmingham

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