Handyman Alpharetta: Top Flooring Trends

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Handyman Alpharetta: Top Flooring Trends

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Flooring trends change yearly. Technology has actually opened new doors, allowing for an even larger diversity of designs for your floors.

For example, in 2018 homeowners tended to lean more towards medium brown tones. Popular floor finishes ranged from ebony to driftwood. Faux flooring also became popular with tiles that look like wood being an especially trendy choice.

Handyman Alpharetta: Here Are A Few Flooring Trends

Fumed wood flooring: Instead of staining, fuming is used to achieve a rich color. What’s interesting about this process is that the end result may vary in hues as the final color and appearance depends on several factors that include the type of wood, the atmosphere in the chamber where the wood is placed, and the environment. What fuming does is gives wood a richer and darker tone while also emphasizing the wood grain.

Please practice caution and do your research if you do plan to take on this project if you want to complete the project correctly and for safety reasons.

Bleached wood: Do you love the farmhouse style? Or what about a beach house look? Some people lean more towards a softer look for their floors. If this resonates with you, a bleached floor may be more your taste. This sort of flooring may go through a bleaching process, or blanching. A chemical solution is applied to the surface in order to get rid of the color (or the stain) on the wood. This gives the floor a more ashy appeal with the grain still remaining visible.

It is usually very expensive and tiresome to do this project yourself so it is important to ask a professional what their opinion is when it comes to your floors.

Distressed Wood: This style has been popular and should be expected to become even more popular This style involves artificial aging to make the flooring look slightly worn. If you love the rustic look, then this style will work for you. Depending on how distressed you want your flooring to look, different techniques can be used.

Distressed Concrete: If you don’t like wood flooring, you can also choose concrete flooring. The same as distressed wood, distressed concrete also involves an artificial aging. This style is more suitable for contemporary styles.

Wood Patterns: When we think of wood flooring, we often imagine the typical side by side layout. However, if you want a more unique spin you can opt for a patterned layout. You can choose designs such as Chevron or Herringbone. Patterns such as these add a fun element to your home.

You can also use planks that are a bit longer and wider than traditional wooden planks.

Vintage: If you like a more vintage look, black and white tiles are actually coming back into style. Instead of the traditional black and white, most people are taking this idea and putting their own personal spin on it, adding patterns and smaller tiles with different designs.

Barn Wood Tiles: If you like a warm and rustic look, barn wood tiles may be something you should take into consideration. The tiles can be made to look exactly like wood, going so far as to even give the tile a directional finish like wood has. Not only do you get the look of a wood floor but you also get the advantages of a tile floor.

Graphic Tiles: Do you crave an artistic spin when it comes to your flooring? Graphic tiles may be a great option for you. With this style, you can create different patterns or even writing by gathering different tiles to create a more unique look on your floors.

Use Green Materials: Using natural and recycled materials is also a popular option. You can choose between selections such as cork, reclaimed wood, and bamboo.

Bold Colors Around the Border: Here’s another unique suggestion. If you use a darker color around the border in a different pattern, it offers a unique outtake on your flooring

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It’s interesting to look at the many options we are now offered for our floors. What may seem to be a small issue when it comes to making renovations and decisions can actually offer you a vast amount of possibilities. You can customize your flooring to make it as unique as you are. There are so many exciting options now and it’s sure to increase in possibilities as time goes on.

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